In today’s fast-paced life, people pursue simpler and more convenient ways to show their fashion attitude, and minimalist sports style emerged as the times require. It emphasizes simple lines and smooth tailoring to make clothes more modern and practical. The trend of minimalist exercise reflects people’s pursuit of simple, efficient and sustainable fitness methods, while also emphasizing the balance of physical and mental health and inner satisfaction.

Minimalist sports advocate wearing simple, lightweight sportswear and reducing excessive decoration and unnecessary accessories. At the same time, it is also advocated to choose comfortable, breathable and environmentally friendly materials. The minimalist sports style pursues not only fashion but also texture and durability, high-quality fabrics, such as innovative technical fabrics, are used to not only provide excellent comfort and breathability, but also to withstand long-term use and frequent movement. The special texture and delicate feel of this fabric enable minimalist sports-style clothing to achieve a perfect combination of appearance and practicality. Minimalist sports style is not only suitable for sports occasions, but also gradually penetrates into daily life. It can not only meet people’s needs for comfort and freedom, but also show a sense of fashion and quality.

fabric trend of outdoor sportswear

Sustainable Fabrics
Rising environmental awareness has made sustainable fabrics increasingly popular in the sportswear sector. Sportswear using sustainable fabrics such as recyclable materials, organic cotton 20S/30S/40S, etc. and recycled polyester fibers 150D/48F, 300D/96F, etc.

Skin-Friendly Fabric
Elastic fabrics are increasingly used in outdoor sportswear to provide greater freedom of movement and comfort. Generally, polyester elastic fabric blended from polyester fiber (polyester) and elastic fiber (such as Lycra) can be used.

High Performance Fabric
As people’s demand for sports brands continues to grow, high-performance fabrics have become a major trend. These fabrics offer exceptional breathability, water resistance and antimicrobial properties to provide a comfortable fit and protect athletes from harsh weather and environmental conditions. Using coating or membrane technology, it has excellent waterproof performance and can protect athletes from rain in harsh weather conditions.

Stretch Knit Fabric
Knitted fabric has excellent elasticity and thermal properties, making it suitable for cold climate conditions. Generally, polyester 150D/300D can be used, which has excellent wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, as well as breathability and moisture absorption.

Technical Fiber
With the continuous advancement of technology, the application of technical fabrics in sportswear is becoming more and more common. More technical fibers will appear in sports fabrics. These fibers have properties such as water-repellent, moisture-proof, anti-bacterial and UV protection to meet the needs in various environmental conditions.

Soft Suede Fabric
Soft suede fabrics can add visual effects and tactility in sportswear. This type of fabric is popular for its softness, warmth and comfort. It has a fine fleece that provides extra warmth during the colder months. These properties make it a popular choice in sportswear.

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